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What is I-MADE?

Innovation in Mobile Application and Development Ecosystem (I-MADE) is an initiative by Telecom Centre of Excellence India supported by Government of India, Department of Telecommunications to:

  • Help Indian colleges digitize their resources and processes to derive better student engagement and help facilitate information access to students on the go.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship among students by providing mentorship and guidance
  • Facilitate skill development by providing training on different aspects of mobile app development
  • Create 1 million mobile app start-ups some of which can eventually become Indian unicorns
Does the I-MADE program cover software licensing?

Yes, I-MADE program will cover software licensing, hosting and support costs of the mobile app development platform, for selected participating institutes spread over 5 years.

What motivates an institution to be a part of the initiative?

The official mobile app helps an institution to dynamically connect to their respective students, staff and alumni and cater to their needs in terms of the mobile app development. The benefits for an institution are as below:

  • It’s a no cost initiative.
  • Efficiency in communicating to their respective students/Staff/Alumni.
  • Entrepreneurship development by enabling industry and investor connect.
  • Mobile app development through appathons.
  • Training of students/staff/faculty on different aspects of mobile app development.
What benefits can an institution expect on joining I-MADE?

Following are the benefits for an institution joining I-MADE program

  • A mobile app with essential features for your institution at no cost
  • An AppMaker for the institution and students to create apps. Further they can manage, edit and test those apps
  • Training of students/staff/faculty on different aspects of mobile app development
  • Practical exposure for mobile app development and better employability through App-a-Thons
  • Tools to communicate with students, publish content, create and manage events, send alerts and notifications to students
  • Upgraded technology infrastructure to stay competitive.
What are the features provided in the mobile app under I-MADE program?

The features of the mobile app under I-MADE program are:

  • Push Notification
  • News
  • Directory
  • Anti-Ragging Helpline
  • E-Notice Board
What is the term of I-MADE program?

Five (5) Years

What is the project plan/timeline for implementation?

Once we receive the application with all prerequisite information duly filled in, an I-MADE coordinator will require a minimum time frame of 2 working days to implement the app and share the build for testing and feedback from the institution.

Once we receive the go ahead from the institution, we post it to the stores. Apple store usually takes 10 working days to approve the app to go live. Play store takes approximately 2 working days to do the same.

Is there a cost associated to I-MADE program?

There is no cost (hidden or otherwise) for the items covered through the I-MADE program.

What efforts are typically required from the campus to implement the apps that are part of the program and how do you pull information?

Typically there is no effort involved. However, once the application is received by an I-MADE coordinator, we would require a couple of hours from the IT coordinator of the institution.

We pull information from your website and other resources into the application and connect with your other platforms to create a seamless experience.

What is the registration process for I-made platform?

The registration process is simple.

  • Log on to to fill and submit the application form
  • Sign up on I-MADE platform to create and publish your app
  • Download the App from play store and App Store.
  • Should you have any questions regarding this grant, or the application process, reach out to I-Made Coordinator at

Is there a way to get training on the I-MADE platform?

The training sessions for the platform are held via web conferencing. Along with the sessions, we also send training videos post the training to all campuses.

I've applied for I-made program. What are the expected next steps?

Once the application form is duly filled, the next steps for I-MADE application are as below:

  1. I-MADE coordinator will get in touch with you via email confirming your application.
  2. The application will be assessed by the TCOE officials and the coordinator will share the Award Letter and MoU via email.
  3. Once the application is accepted, test version for the official mobile app will be shared with the institution.
  4. POC from the college downloads the app and provides feedback to I-made coordinator for any edits/functionalities to be implemented.
  5. After the edits are done, POC would authorize the I-MADE coordinator to publish the app live to google play and apple app stores.
Is our school too small for a mobile app?

We work with a wide range of institutions, with the smallest one comprising of roughly 100 students. We offer customized plans for schools below 1000 students in enrollment to make sure that they get maximum value out of the platform.

How will we get students to use this?

A customized strategy devised by your institution and I-MADE program coordinator will ensure a high adoption rate. Proven strategies include online visibility, leveraging orientation for promotion, targeting key early adopters and capitalizing on the social power of the campus feed.

How much upkeep is required?

The app is meant to provide a scalable way to save you time on daily tasks. After launch it will grow organically, with little to no upkeep.

We have a non-traditional student population - will this program be effective on our campus?

Yes. Non-traditional students are often juggling many commitments (jobs, families, and other responsibilities) that make it difficult to immerse themselves in the campus community. We build a peer network for the school that isn't dependent on students being on campus, and provide a way for students to access important resources, services, and programming from anywhere.

Can I see your previous apps?

Yes you can see our previous apps. Please visit to explore the apps created under the program.

How long it will take for my app to be developed?

Once the application is received, it will take 2 days to share the test version with the institution.

How do you guarantee application approval in app store?

I-MADE technical team works rigorously to ensure that the official mobile app is in adherence with the app store policies and is approved upon submission.

Which app project can be more proficient; android or IOS?

Unlike native apps where a developer has to write the code for the apps separately for each platform, cross platform apps are more proficient. This is because the apps are written once, however can be compiled for different platforms like android, iOS, windows and blackberry.

Do I own the source code?

I-MADE platform gives the ability to the app developer to edit and manage the code for their apps.

You sign up at to start creating and editing your apps

How much does it cost to develop an App?

Typically it costs upwards of Rs. 1, 00,000 to develop an app for android and iOS individually. In addition to the development cost, hosting and support costs also need to be taken care of each year.

Since I-MADE is a zero cost initiative, it relieves an institution from the financial pressure of developing a mobile solution for students, faculty, and staff.

Who owns IPR for the App?

The person who creates the app owns the IPR for the app. I-MADE platform does not own the IPR for the apps created by students or institution.

Do I need to sign an agreement?

Yes the institution needs to sign the MoU shared by the I-MADE coordinator. The MoU is to protect the IP and ensure that the app is developed free of cost for the period of 5 years.

Where are you located? How should we contact you?

You can reach us at 0124-4198131 or write to us at